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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 16, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight two prince george's county police officers suspended, the movie that landed them in hot water and reaction from the police department. >> plus the developing story in the middle east tonight, missiles fired from both sides in the gaza strip as the region teeters on the brink of an all
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out war. >> it's the end of an era, the mad dash for twinkies and cupcakes as hostess announces plans to go out of business. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight with what was supposed to be a spoof on racial profiling during a traffic stop. >> but now two prince george's county police officers who appeared in an internet video are suspended, could be fired. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story now. >> prince george's county police internal fairs got an anonymous tip this morning -- affairs got an anonymous tip this morning about the video. it's been taken off youtube for now. the officers who starred in it are off the job pending the outcome of an internal investigation. >> i watched it and was disgusted by what i saw. the video is disparaging not only to this profession, but to our community that we serve. >> police chief mark magaw says two 5th district patrol officers, one a 10 year veteran, the other who has been on the force three years being were asked by an unnamed actor
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to be in his video. in a simulated traffic stop they pull him over wearing their county uniforms and driving a county cruiser. >> supposedly it was a spoof, supposed to be funny, but there was nothing funny about it and we took it very seriously. it depicts our officers, our community in a terrible light and it's just unacceptable. >> the two officers and the actor are all black. fop president vince canalis said he found some real problem with it especially given the community's sensitivity of issues of racial profiling. >> i'm concerned about some of the content that is contained within it. it was inappropriate. it shouldn't have taken place. it shouldn't have occurred. it does not, however, reflect the attitude or the demeanor of our members out here doing the job on a day to day basis. >> the two officers will appear at a suspension hearing next week and they could be fired. >> is there any idea why the officers would agree to appear
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in a video like this? >> the chief says he has no idea, but he says it appears that video was orchestrated specifically for the internet. someone out there saw it and reported it to internal affairs. new this evening d.c. police have made an arrest in a triple shooting at a gas station convenience store. it happened on benning road in northeast tuesday night. two men and a woman were shot, expected to survive. today police arrested 27-year- old christopher mccray. he's charged with assault with intent to kill. it's been a week since a jury acquitted lexis simpson formerly convicted of murder. we want to warn you this 911 call is graphic and may may be disturbing to some people. >> police keep talking. >> i'm sorry! >> why did you have to do that? >> ma'am? >> stop it! >> hello. can you hear me? >> as you can imagine, we
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cannot play out the entire call. it is too graphic. today we went to bowie state university to talk to students following the not guilty verdict >> reporter: in many ways it looked like an ordinary day in the le fall at the bowie state university campus, but one topic trumped all others, the acquittal on all counts of 20-year-old alexis simpson who in september of 2011 plunged a knife into the neck of the roommate with whom she was feuding, 18-year-old domonique frazier. the defense successfully argued the dormitory fight pushed simpson into believing she was in danger from frazier and her girl friends. >> it was on facebook, twitter, instagram, freshmans that go here that weren't here when the incident happened last year are speaking about it upset that she got off. >> i feel like it was guilty on both parts. like i agree she should have done some time -- >> reporter: ut not murder. >> not murder, no. >> reporter: what do you make of the verdict, not guilty on
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all counts? >> i don't really have an opinion on it. i don't know the full story, so i couldn't really say anything about it. >> there's a lot of conflicting from both side. you had her complaining president bullying and opposite sides saying -- complaining about the bullying and opposite sides saying she killed somebody in the heat of action. >> reporter: what now for simpson? should the university allow her back? >> i think it's her choice. if anything, she was acquitted of all charges. i think it should be her choice to come back. she's not causing any trouble on the campus. if anything, she's a regular person. >> reporter: that was the predominant view we found shared also by sophomore christian smith. >> i think she should be allowed to come back because she was found not guilty of. >> reporter: that may or may not happen at bowie state. >> i think that there are some issues she would have to still resolve with the university regarding the behavior that led up to this trial. so that would still have to be addressed with the university.
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>> reporter: university spokeswoman cassandra robinson told us members of her community remain saddened by the event that happened there last year, but she told us also that students there are now talking about the topics of civility and nonviolence much more often than they used to. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the confrontation between israel and the palestinians is escalating. egypt's new islamist government is promising to stand by the palestinians and is telling israel to end its airstrikes on gaza, this as palestinians fire rockets at jerusalem and israel calls up 16,000 reservists increasing the likelihood of a full scale ground war. fox's david lee miller is near the gaza border with more. >> reporter: for the third day in a row israelis ran for cover from rockets by pal standian militants. -- palestinian militants. more than 150 attacks were
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launched that caused panic and destruction but no fatalities. for the first time in the current conflict air raid sirens were heard in jerusalem where two rockets reportedly landed in an empty field in the outskirts of the city and for the second day in a row israel's largest city tel aviv came under attack. a rocket landed in an unpopulated area. the use of longer range rockets fired by palestinian militants has put more than 4 million israelis in the crosshairs. at this till a video cafe it was business as usual after -- tel aviv cafe it was business as usual as of the air raid sirens stopped. this tel aviv couple took wedding pictures outside an open bomb shelter. there were also funerals for three israelis killed during a rocket attack thursday. the death rises to 24. although there was talk of a brief ceasefire during a visit to gaza by the egyptian prime
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minister, the violence continues with each side blaming the other for not honoring the truce. egypt meanwhile left no doubt who it supports in the conflict. >> translator: i say to israel egypt today is completely different front egypt of yesterday -- from egypt of yesterday. we will never leave gaza on its own. >> reporter: israel continues to prepare for a possible ground incursion into gaza. the country is prepar to mobilize as many as 75,000 reservists. one israeli spokesman said the military campaign will continue untilhamas begs for a ceasefire, but some analysts believe israel has not given up hope on a diplomatic solution, something, though, that seems increasingly unlikely. along the israel/gaza border, david lee miller, fox news. another big story tonight, former cia director general david petraeus testified before boat the house and senate intelligence -- both the house
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and senate intelligence committees today about the consulate attack in benghazi, libya. petraeus testified he mentioned terrorist elements during a briefing to lawmakers days after the attack, something committee chairman peter king says he doesn't recall. >> the talking points were much more specific about al-qaeda involvement and yesterday it said indications of extremists. it said indicate even though it was clearly evidence to the cia thatwas al-qaeda involvement. >> lawmakers on capitol hill say they still have a lot of questions including who was behind the attack and how they got inside the compound. a potomac man imprisoned in cuba three years is suing the u.s. government and his former employer. alan gross is serving a 15 year sentence for spying. he was arrested on his fifth tribble to cuba working to provide internet -- fifth trip to cuba working to provide internet service to the jewish community. he says the government did not adequately train him or disclose the risks he was undertaking by doing that work.
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a live look outside now, chilly night to wrap up the workweek. what's in store for the weekend? fox 5's gary mcgrady in the weather center. >> more of the same, cool temperatures and good amounts of sunshine tomorrow. we'll get to that in a second. talking about chilly temperatures, it was 55 for a high today for national, down to 45 now, gaithersburg already down in the upper 30s, winchester 36, culpeper. frederick and manassas have temperatures down below freezing. that's what happens with clear skies and lights winds. that's exactly where we're going to be overnight tonight. we're talking anywhere from the upper 20s to the lower 30s for the suburbs. if you're outside the beltway, you're going to be freezing and below. here in town we'll be down to the upper 30s or, so winds barely out of the north at 5 miles per hour. so a good night for what we
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call radiational cooling where all that heat from the day escapes out into the night and we basically cool down quickly. not a bad weekend shaping up. it looks like tomorrow a carbon copy of today. as we get into sunday, a few more cloud, but overall things look good. we'll have specifics on this workweek, the weekend and into next week, which of course, for a lot of the holiday week and thanks giving on the seven-day forecast and also black friday, too. so a lot to talk about coming up. also coming up the beltway express lanes are about to open for business. find out who got today's inaugural ride. >> and if is the end of the road for -- it is the end of the road for hostess, the mad dash for twinkies and cupcakes today. >> later a rape case is solved thanks to dna evidence, but justice won't be served, why there's a new call for change on prosecuting sex crimes in d.c. at 11:00. >> keep it right here. fox 5 news at 10:00 is just
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getting started. 
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♪ hostess a kid's world is a special world and hostess is a part of it hostess and kids they go together ♪ . >> fresh whole some hostess cupcakes, fruit pies, golden twinkies with cream filling. >> it is the end of the road for hostess, the maker of twinkies, ding dongs and wonder bread warned employees it would shut down the company if they did not call off a strike by yesterday evening that. deadline passed without a deal. fox 5's bob barnard with the latest. >> reporter: at the social safeway in georgetown there were very few hostess products still left on the quickly thinning shelves this afternoon, same true for wonder breads, just a handful of loaves left as word spreads hostess brands is going out of business. >> sad to see them go. sad to see them go. >> anyone was jealous of the child at lunch with a twinkie. >> that's terrible. i'm going to miss them. >> reporter: jill kirkpatrick
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grabbed the second to the last box of twinkies. why did you come here? >> because my husband called and said hostess was closing and he wanted to have some of the last. he went to some store downtown where he works and they were sold out of everything. shelves were cleared. so at least i got some twinkies. >> reporter: the hostess and wonder names have been around since 1930. >> every spaceman knows you just got to have hostess twinkies along. >> reporter: those deliciously fattening treats an iconic part of many a childhood. >> my generation grew up on hostess twinkies, cupcakes, ding dongs, all of that and for my husband's 50th birthday we had actually a hostess platter. >> the cupcake is nothing like the cupcake when you put it in your mouth, oh, my god. it's the best thing ever. >> reporter: and guess what, it's not just suzy q's and zingers going bye bye. those ring dings and devil dogs are made by drake's which is
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owned by hostess. >> i got three boxes of twinkies and snowballs and a little bit of bread. >> reporter: we met greg carbit at the worn bread thrift store where a steady -- wonder bread thrift store where a steady stream of customers was practically clearing out the place. >> my favorites are the ho-hos. somebody came in and took all of them. they've is told out. >> reporter: the coe is hoping investors will -- the ceo showing investors will buy some of the brands under the company's crumbling umbrella. congressional leaders are voicing confidence they can reach a deal to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff to avert a series of tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to take effect january 1st. after a closed door meeting house speaker john boehner said
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i believe we can do this. >> i hope this is the beginning of a fruit of process where we're able to come to an agreement where we'll reduce our deficit in a balanced way. >> to show our seriousness we've put revenue on the table as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. >> an aide to senate majority leader harry reid told fox news democrats are open to the closure of various tax loopholes as a way of raising revenue but only if republicans agree first to raise rates on the wealthy. major traffic relief is coming to commuters in northern virginia. after five years of construction the new express lanes on the beltway open tomorrow. carpoolers and drivers willing to pay will be able to use the lanes to avoid the congestion. fox 5's sherri ly has more. >> reporter: the beltway is notorious for its gridlock and officially the express lanes don't open until tomorrow morning, but don't be surprised if you see them open up late tonight and then come monday when it's bumper to bumper on
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the beltway, the express lanes will get their first test. the lanes run 14 miles each direction from springfield to the american legion bridge along the beltway. how much it will cost depends on congestion and how far you travel. the more drivers using it, the higher the toll. it's expected to cost $5 to $6 for the average trip during rush hour. carpoolers with three or more people will drive free. motorcycles will also be free, but drivers will need an ez pass to use the lane. carpoolers will need an ez pass flex which has a switch to avoid paying the toll. >> before every entry point to the 495 express lanes you'll see two pricing signs. that will give you prices to three destinations. the bottom price is the maximum you could pay to go the furthest from that entry point. so that's your most accurate price, but there are pricing tools on the 495 express lane's website. >> reporter: and a very special guest took the inaugural trip today in the express lanes.
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santa arrived straight from the north pole got on the express lanes at braddock road and took it to tysons corner where he'll be greeting kids at the mall it. did look like santa only had two people in that car, didn't quite make the mov three restriction, but i think they let him go on the toll. back to you. metro ride will want to add a little extra time this weekend to their commute. track work is scheduled on all lines except the green line. trains will single track between various stations on the red, blue, orange and yellow lines. you can check for a complete list of all the weekend track work. the bye week is in the rear view mirror, the redskins hoping to salvage their season. a few key players are returning up next. 8
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is. the redskins have been itching to get -- the redskins have been itching to get back on the playing field. they have a tough week ahead starting with their rivals this sunday. >> the bye week is over, all business from here on out for the redskins and lucky for them pierre garcon and brandon merr iwhether will play sunday. both teams sit at 3-6 in a division that's basically still up for grabs. this is the start of a really tough nfc east stretch for the skins four days after the philly game they play at dallas thanksgiving day. that is two games in five days and even though the coaches did some cowboy scouting over the bye, the players don't want to hear it. >> we got one game to worry about now. that's the game played this
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sunday. all that setting, we looking ahead. you can't look ahead. you got to look right now. sunday is the most important game. all the other stuff i get tired of hearing it because that's what people use to try to get your mind off the main goal. the main goal is playing who you play this week. >> we just try to win one football game and the next one is philly and so you can't really worry about what others -- we're till in it, but if we don't take care of our own business, then we're not going to be in it. so we're going to worry about philly and go out there and try to get a win this weekend and then let the chips fall where they may. >> one game at a time, don't we all know that by now? eagles quarterback michael vick has officially been ruled out of sunday's game with a concussion. nick foles, the rookie, will get the start. more delays for the national mall's latest landmark. >> also what parents of teenagers need to hear. it is common for kids to put
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suicidal thoughts online, how to spot warning signs that could save their life. >> if you see a story we should look into, call us 202-895-3000 or be right back. when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. losing a child to suicide would be an unimaginable pain. there are signs that a suicide is about to happen. as we hear the report, one of the easiest ways you can keep track of your child's mind is to keep an eye on your teen's smartphone. >> reporter: bubbly, beautiful and bright are just a few ways many would describe her. >> very happy, very good hearted child. >> reporter: at 17 years old high school senior ashley duncan stood 5' 11 tall. she did some modeling, was
10:30 pm
called daddy's little girl and was a big fan of volleyball. >> she played in middle school and she played in high school. >> reporter: but her social media posts were the opposite. they were often ugly, dark and she clearly cried out for help saying things like god is torturing me keeping me here. i'm ready for life to be over. if you know what it feels like to want to die every second, hour, day, month, year, then you know me. >> i feel cheated. i didn't know how deep this was. >> reporter: friends saw the posts. ashley's parents, a veteran police officer and a long time registered nurse, did not until it was too late. >> we did a lot and you pick up signs. >> reporter: on the morning of january 30th the teenager posted a picture of a revolver and the words i finally got a gun. before that the teen's mom received the worst text message
10:31 pm
of her life. >> when i saw the text, i was in shock. >> reporter: mrs. duncan still has the message on her phone. >> i took dad's gun. i'm tired. i'm sorry, mom. i can't do this anymore. i love you, bye. >> reporter: ashley took her dad's police issued service weapon, walked down to a nearby stream and took her own life. what used to be a private note on the dresser is now ending up very public messages on the internet. >> because they're afraid to talk to someone face to face, might be the only way they know to get this message out. >> reporter: psychologist dr. darrell knox says if you see someone crying out, immediately call for help. >> it's an emergency. it's abnormal to have suicidal thoughts. even if someone is trying to get attention and they're not really suicidal, just the act of saying it means that they really need to be seeing someone and have an evaluation. >> reporter: no one following ashley's posts that day came to her rescue, a fact that doesn't
10:32 pm
surprise dr. carmen petsold. she says it's now common for kids to put these suicidal thoughts online. >> even more than online now and through text messaging it's just astounding. some kids text 3 or 400 times a day. so they're really putting their whole life out there. what they used to be talking about on the phone or online now is via text and so it's essential that parents are a part of that communication. >> sometimes he said they use what seemed like suicidal thoughts in a text message or online. he said that can mean different things. sometimes it's a test. >> yes. some kids who are beginning to feel really depressed may want to be reassured that be? loves them. if they put these -- that somebody loves them. if they put these signs out there like i didn't feel it was worthwhile is something you hear a lot and nobody pick up
10:33 pm
on it, it's like oh, well, i guess nobody cares. >> reporter: for ashley this advice comes too late, but her mom believes her daughter's story is helping save others. she's starting to see a number of positives. in fact, remember that last text from her daughter that once seemed so terrible? it isn't anymore. >> it gives me peace because i didn't get to talk to her, but she said i love you and she said i'm sorry. >> experts say the more someone talks or texts about suicide, the more they can become comfortable with the idea unless someone stops them. they say it's always better to reach out too soon to help than rather wait and see what happens. for more inform we've posted a link to the national -- information we've posted a link to the national suicide prevention hotline on our website a fallen marine is being honored in prince george's county. the high roads academy is renaming its library after former student lance corporal
10:34 pm
eugene mills, part of the school's 10th anniversary celebration. his parents are honored their son is being recognized at a school he loved. >> got the call from the school saying that they were going to dedicate the library to gene in his name and i felt that that was such a special honor in his name and what he has done for our country. >> he really cared. he wanted to make a difference. he was a leader of men. he died leading his men and we're very, very proud of him and we miss him very much. >> the high road academy is part of specialized education services inc., teaches students with learning disabilities and autism. plans to build a national memorial honoring president dwight d. eisenhower is delayed until next year left off the agenda for the national capital planning commission. looking at a preview of what the memorial could look like. eisenhower's family has been involved in the process.
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a man accused of plotting to open fire inside a movie theater during the screening of a new twilight film. >> also ahead. >> ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in every great man's life when he must be cast in wax if only to remove unwanted body hair. >> comedian stephen colbert honored with his own wax figure at madame tussauds. tempers are flaring and oil rising jumping more than $1 a barrel, investors keeping a very close eye on the fighting between the israelis and palestinian militants in the middle east. here at moment an important recall coming out ahead of a busy travel season, this one involving certain travel beds for babies made by a company called kid co. the consumer product safety commission fears babies may roll over and suffocate while inside something called the pea pod travel cribs. meantime, time to horde those
10:36 pm
twinkies. the maker of the sweet treats says it's turning off the ovens and letting more than 18,000 workers go. hostess has been in financial trouble a long time and the recent union strike delivering the final blow. looking ahead to sunday nintendo hopes to change the way you game launching its new wii u gaming system. presale orders selling out at several retailers. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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a missouri man under arrest accused of month thing to open fire inside a movie theater during the twilight film.
10:40 pm
23-year-old black lammers is charged with three felony counts. police caught him after his mother contacted authorities concerned her son purchased weapons similar to those used in the theater shooting in colorado. it's still not known who is to blame in the devastating crash during a parade last night in midland, texas. a float crossed the tracks and was struck by a train. the crossing arms and gate were flashing when the truck tried to cross the tracks. the investigation continues. >> we'll be looking at the driver's qualifications, training, medical status and do a 72 hour review of his sleep work history. >> investigators say they've already sent video from several cameras for review and plan to have a preliminary report in the next week to 10 days. at 11:00 good news for your paycheck, why many of you can expect a raise next year and by how much. >> these are not the cracker
10:41 pm
jacks of your childhood, how this snack is getting an adult makeover at 11:00.
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he has two emmys, a couple peabody awards, plus a show that's a hit in the ratings, but today one of the most poplar american comedians has really arrived. he has a wax twin and you can see it in d.c. fox 5's beth parker was there for the unveiling. >> reporter: stephen colbert calls it the greatest gift of all, himself. >> ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in every great man's life when he must be cast in wax, if only to remove unwanted body hair. >> reporter: at madame tussauds in downtown d.c. he was immortalized today. >> i want to thank everyone for the honor of becoming the latest waxican american because this is true immortality as long as the earth is not getting warmer in any way. this is the colbert report.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: the comedy central host sat for hours for a mold to be made. artists spent four to six months creating the figure. >> turns out i learned this from the madame tussauds people a moment ago that on the color wheel my skin tone is semi gloss romney voter. one, two, me. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's him, right down to the signature eyebrow and the finger point. >> it is 100% accurate i'm happy to say down to every freckle, every wrinkle, every player. i even sent them a dvd -- every player. i even sent them a dvd of my latest colonoscopy. >> reporter: right down the hallway is oprah, katie couric, al rokery king and one of larry king's groupies.
10:46 pm
colbert was raised in south carolina but born in washington. so he says he enjoys visiting d.c. >> it reminds me of my infancy and a lot of infantile behavior. >> reporter: he says his kids will visit the wax museum. will it freak them out? >> of course. it freaks me out. >> reporter: when asked if he has a message for congress. >> they're still here? all of them? >> reporter: they're still here. >> reporter: speaking of shirking responsibilities. >> this little fellow will come in handy the next time i get called for jury duty. >> reporter: to sum it up he enjoys being graced by his own presence. >> can i lick me? >> you cannot, no. >> foo late. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news -- too late. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> okay. let's talk about the forecast. this is the point in the show where we're supposed to
10:47 pm
have witty banter. >> i have no witty banter. got a redskins game this weekend at home and folks might want to go out to madame tussauds tomorrow and economic -- check out stephen colbert in wax. >> i think it's good, a decent weekend, a lot like today, a few more clouds on sunday, but basically real good. that's all i can really muster for this weekend. so you don't have any excuses why you can't be out and about both days. the highs today were right up in the lower to mid-50s, kind of depending where you are. this afternoon in terms of where your temperature got to, national the temperature 55 degrees, dulles 53, bwi a little cooler at 52. this is just going to be the range that we'll see, temperatures in the lower to mid-50s pretty much all weekend long. numbers are cooling down now, 45 here in town, gaithersburg 34, frederick down to 30, manassas down to 30, culpeper
10:48 pm
34, winchester 34 and 46 degrees for quantico, annapolis 45 as well. so temperatures anywhere from the 30s to the 40s and outside the beltway tonight it will be getting very cold. i guess you could just say this weekend is not going to be too terribly bad, cool in the afternoon, but we'll have good amounts of sunshine tomorrow, high temperature 54 degrees. it's looking like a few clouds sunday. it does not look like we would call it mostly cloudy. i would just say relative to tomorrow we'll have a few more clouds out there sunday and that may keep the temperature down just a little pit. we're talking a degree -- bit. we're talking a degree here. tonight the clouds and satellite not showing anything. we're completely clear. that's one of the reasons why those temperatures are falling down so fast tonight in the suburbs with clear skies and light wind. it just makes for the perfect setup to get real cold out there. it is clear from the east coast all the way out into the central plains. high pressure is building in.
10:49 pm
we do have some cloud cover off to the east of us along the coast and this will stay here for the next several days. as a matter of fact, its positioning of high pressure to the north of us, tomorrow we look real good. winds will come from the northeast. that keeps us a little cool, draining in some of the colder air from up north with plenty of sunshine. sunday the only real change is that down to the south there will be a slowly developing area of low pressure and this area of low pressure is going to be down here quite a while. then it's going to move north and northeast. it may take several days to do that. so i anticipate the same basic setup now for the next several days where the high is to the north of us and the low is to the south of us. so we are funneling in and trying to push in some clouds. it looks like we'll get a few clouds on sunday, but right now it's looking like monday and tuesday, those are the days that we're going to see more
10:50 pm
clouds, probably mostly cloudy by monday and tuesday. i think that will keep the temperature down a bit, but in terms of that storm it does not look like it's going to bring any rain at all. we'll probably get a little marine layer coming over to the west. that will bring in the clouds. tonight not the case, perfectly clear, winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. of course, out in the suburbs, very cold with temperatures dropping below freezing, at least freezing and below i would think outside the beltway. loads of shine tomorrow. we'll start with 40 degrees. we're 51 degrees by noon time and the highs tomorrow again right up into the middle 50s. so it looks real good. again a few more clouds sunday, but plenty of sunshine, temperature in the lower to mid- 50s there. more clouds on monday and tuesday with temperatures in the lower 50s. we'll say the day before thanksgiving wednesday 55 degrees, but it's going to be dry. it will be dry for most of the east coastful so traveling up and down -- coast.
10:51 pm
so traveling up and down i-95 shouldn't be a problem. temperatures look great in the upper 50s and lots of sunshine and a little cooler after thanksgiving on friday, the all important black friday. >> thank you, gary. another big week in washington. general david petraeus testified before congress about the benghazi attack. earlier today i spoke with fox news sunday host chris wallace about that and what we can expect on his show this weekend. >> we'll be talking first to the vice chair of the senate intelligence committee sacks saxbee chambliss and joe lieberman. there have been a series of closed door hearings this week. what have they learned? there are really three parts of the story, the warnings and needing more security, what happened between the first and second attacks that night and thirdly, why this very confusing series of accounts afterwards about whether it was a terror attack, just a
10:52 pm
spontaneous mob upset about a video. so we'll be asking them to try to sort all that out. >> let me ask you earlier this week president obama gave his first press conference since being reelected. the benghazi situation came up, namely susan rice's explanation when she came out talking about it. it seems like i thought the election was over, but it seems like politics are still fueling some of the back and forth between both sides. do you think we'll see this continue? >> on this issue, yes. i don't know necessarily -- yes, there's always politics in washington, but i think this is much sharper and more personal. when it comes to the fiscal cliff, everybody seems to be at least trying to move towards a compromise. there are still some big differences in approach. on benghazi it's gotten very personal with a number of leading republican senators like john mccain and lindsey graham saying they will vote to block the nomination of susan rice to be secretary of state if she is named to replace
10:53 pm
hillary clinton, talking about the need for watergate style committee and the president in his news conference firing back at them. this is vernal and i'm surprised just after -- very personal and i'm surprised just after an election how sharp and divisive it's been. >> we heard mitt romney talking about the reasons he thought he lost the election, because of the so-called gift that president obama gave, but then we've seen some top republicans who want to step back from that, namely bobby jindal. how do you think this will play out for the rep party? >> well, it's interest -- the republican party? >> well, it's interesting because the most negative comments about what governor romney had to say about the president's policies towards hispanics and young people and women, they were all just gifts as if they were somehow he bought their votes. the toughest comments came from republicans, not democrats. you mentioned bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, scott walker, governor of wisconsin. they'll be guests on our show
10:54 pm
and this is part of their of the to break with romney, to break with the defeat of november of 2012 and try to reposition the party as something that is more gentle, more favorable, more approachable to a lot of the groups out there who voted in large numbers against republicans in this election. >> we will see you guys this sunday at 9:30 for fox news sunday. coming up next looking to make some cash? house slipping is back and d.c. is a prime spot. >> and in minutes a new way to enjoy the city's nightlife in style. we'll check out the d.c. hopper next on the news edge. alright let's break it down.
10:55 pm
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you know the old saying,
10:58 pm
one man's trash turns out to be a world treasure. a goodwill store found an authentic salvador dali painting hand signed and numbered by the partist himself. goodwill said the piece was left by an anonymous donor. the piece is being auctioned off online. if you're looking to make some cash, you might want to consider a fixer-upper. house slippers made nearly 30 grand for each property sold in the first half of this year and d.c. is the place to do it. according to 24/7 wall street and realty track the d.c. region is the fourth best place in the country for flipping. here's some flipping tips from brenda buttner. >> reporter: there's great opportunities through house flipping, buying a home short term and reselling it for profit. according to realty track this, year the average flipper made about $30,000 on a single house and it took them about 100 days to do it. kristen camp becker is the
10:59 pm
author of flipping confidential and says potential flippers need to have a good team behind them including a realtor, financial advisor and tax strategist and ask yourself what your motivation is to flip property. >> are you doing this for tax benefits, to diversify your portfolio, because you want to get your interior design yayas out. figure out why you need to do it. it's a great place to invest money. >> reporter: if you can't find a good realtor, become one yourself. really get the finger on the pulse of your local real estate market. >> there's opportunity everywhere, but stick to your own backyard. >> reporter: becker says to look for a good house that will eventually be under the scrutiny of an inspection when you sell it. make sure you know what you're buying because that home and its costs belong to you. >> count on people to get their opinion who are familiar with houses in this really bad condition if you're buying a foreclosure. what are the steps going to be? what's your budget really going to take to make that house shine and get you top dollar? >> reporter:


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